Since 1971 we perform lower-German and Pommeranien folk dances. Our performances are enriched with our choir and our musicians. No tape, live on stage! If we got your attraction and you have interest in our programme, get in touch!

Our adult dancing group

Founded 1971 by a group of young Pommerian expellees, Danzdeel nowadays has about 100 members in different age groups. In 2003 we started our own choir, partly supporting our dancers but also having own shows and concerts in our local area. During the years, our group participated in many festivals both in Germany as well as in Europe and on other continents. In 2008, Danzdeel as been awarded the Kulturpreis der Stadt Salzkotten, an award of the local community to recognize our activities in the local culture and folk scene.

Excursion to Dahme (2014)

We continously extend our repertoire. It includes traditional Pommeranien, lower German and Westphalian dances, enriched with some international flavour. Our program is spiced by swinging dance sequences and scenic acting. Props and costume figures complement our performances and promise variety and entertainment. Our costumes represent traditional clothes from Lower Pomerania, the so called Jamunder Festtagstracht.